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Allround Oil - 250ml

Allround Oil - 250ml

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​Allround oil – from head to toe 

An innovative and versatile water-soluble oil, based on almond oil, sunflower oil and sesame oil, suitable for use all over the body, face and hair. 

​A​llround oil is highly effective for treating dry skin and providing emollient care that protects the skin and helps maintain the skin's moisture balance and suppleness. At the same time, it adds shine and softness to hair and beard, just as it is suitable for dissolving make-up, mascara and impurities on the face. 

​Allround oil has a neutral scent that suits both men and women. The multifunctional oil is created for everyone who sees the smartness of having one delicious product at hand that meets many different needs in body, face and hair care. 


Facial oil: ​​A​llround  oil cares for dry and tired facial skin, makes it soft and supple and adds a moisture-retaining barrier. Apply a few drops of the oil to dry skin using gentle circular motions. 

Face lotion: ​​A​llround  oil can be used as a light face lotion that adds moisture to the skin. Massage it onto damp facial skin with soft circular movements. 

Body oil: ​​A​llround oil is suitable as a body oil, where it provides moisture-retaining care for all skin types. The oil is quickly absorbed and makes the skin soft and smooth. 

Bodymilk: ​​A​llround oil can be mixed with water on the skin, where it turns into a light, moisturizing lotion/milk. Do not dry the skin after bathing, and massage the oil into wet skin in circular motions. 

Cleansing oil/makeup remover: ​​A​llround oil dissolves make-up and impurities on the face and makes it ​​easy to wipe off the impurities. Rinse afterwards with water. 

Bath oil: ​​A​llround oil has a softening effect on the skin of the body and feet when added to a bath (3-4 tbsp.) or foot bath (1-2 tbsp.).

Shaving oil: ​​A​llround oil can be used during and after shaving. Moisten the skin and apply a little oil to the area to be shaved (afterwards, the Badeanstaltens Barbersäbe can be used if desired). After shaving, apply a few drops as a moisturizer on wet or dry skin.

Beard oil: ​​A​llround oil glides easily between the hairs in the beard and softens the skin. The oil also counteracts dandruff in the beard and softens the hairs, which can reduce itching.

Hair oil: ​​A​llround oil adds shine to the hair and seals split ends. Squeeze out a few drops, rub the oil between your hands and massage it into the dry ends of your hair. Do not rinse.

Scalp oil: Allround oil acts as a mask against dry and irritated skin on the scalp. Massage a few drops of the oil into the scalp and let it work. Wash hair and scalp with shampoo. Dub possibly a few drops on the scalp as a leave-in mask to prevent flyaway dandruff.
Cuticle oil: ​​A​llround oil makes the dry skin around the nail plate soft and flexible. Gently massage the cuticles with the oil every day. Well-kept cuticles are the basis for beautiful and healthy nails.
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