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Handmade Soap

Badeanstalten’s traditional soaps are made from various vegetable oils that each add different qualities to the soap. In our bar soaps, you’ll often find saponified coconut oil, which produces a hard, quick-dissolving hand or body soap with large, luxurious bubbles, similar to the bubbles you find in sulfate-based soaps and shampoos. Sustainably-grown palm oil produces hardness along with a slow-dissolving soap and a tight, creamy lather (think shaving cream). Rapeseed oil produces a soft, slightly slippery type of soap which, in combination with other oils, gives the soap what can best be described as “a good glide”.


Storietelling soaps

We like to think of all of our soaps as small stories just waiting to be told. Our “words” are our ingredients, consistencies, aromas, colours and patterns. We’ve told many funny stories over the years. For example, our Popcorn soap, which we described as an “atomic soap exploding with enjoyment”, was a lovely, brown-flecked off-white colour and made from saponified corn oil.

Birch soap

Then there was the time a man named Poul suddenly showed up in our factory with some cans of birch sap. Poul owns the Skarnvad birch forest, located in Hallund, Denmark, and he wanted to know if we could use his birch sap. We could, and we transformed his sap into our “Birk” soap, which has a black and white appearance just like the trunk of a birch tree and a woody, fresh aroma of cedar and lime. That’s how it is – each year brings with it new experiences and new soap stories to be told.