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Massage Oil

The formula for Badeanstalten’s bath and massage oils is based on moisturizing almond, jojoba, rapeseed and dry oils. Our selection of bath and massage oils includes fragrances such as, Refreshing Citrus, Stimulating Ginger, Calming Lavender and Aromatic Palmarosa.


Relax with bath and massage oils

Badeanstalten’s bath and massage oils can be used in the shower, bath tub, foot bath or for a relaxing massage.

Lavender Bath Oil

Our four massage oils come in wonderful fragrances, so you can choose just the right one to fit your mood. If you need a nice, warm bath just before bedtime, you can use our Calming Lavender bath oil. Simply pour four tablespoons of oil in the water and the wonderful scent of lavender will fill the room.

Foot Bath

If you’re using a foot bath, as opposed to a bathtub, use one tablespoon of bath oil in the warm water. You can also combine our bath and massage oils with our bath salts, which can also be used in the bathtub or foot bath. By combining them, you get the all the properties from both products. You can find Badeanstalten’s bath salt here.