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Face Care

Badeanstalten has made a series of facial care products that you can use for daily pampering. The series consists of clay masks, face creams, face oils and face scrubs. Does your morning ritual include a moisturizing face cream before you put on your makeup? Or do you love to moisturize your face with oils that you carefully massage into your skin? Then you’ll find them here.


Face Cream

Badeanstalten’s handmade face cream adds moisture and nourishment to your skin. The face cream contains almond oil and has a high concentration of good fatty acids and Vitamins A and E. You can use our face cream as a day or night cream.

Face Oil

Our face oil helps you to be extra good to your skin. You can use the face oil alone, or combine it with the face cream to give your skin even more moisture. When it’s cold, you can use our face oil to protect your skin. It’s enriched with stimulating orange, calming chamomile and contains Vitamin E, a strong antioxidant, which strengthens the skin’s defense against damage caused by free radicals.

Face Scrub

Badeanstalten’s face scrub removes dead skin cells and helps increase blood circulation in the skin. If you want to give yourself an extra treat, you can use our face scrub while you’re in the shower. Carefully massage the scrub into your skin using circular movements. After massaging your face, allow the gentle warm water from the shower head to wash off the scrub. This will leave your skin with a fresh glow, moisturized by marigold oil.

Face Mask

When was the last time you put on a face mask? Badeanstalten’s clay masks are packed in individual bags which are perfectly suited to a quiet evening, where you can apply the mask, lean back and relax. Our assortment of face masks includes tightening, stimulating, cleansing and peel-off masks, so you can find the one that is just right for you.