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Badeanstalten - Made in Denmark since 2002


About Badeanstalten

Iben’s desire to create honest products has made it possible for you to enjoy washing, scrubbing and lathering yourself in pure, handmade soaps, salt scrubs, creams and oils.

You’ve been there. Text messages, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter and other social media are constantly clamoring for your attention all day long.

But once you shut the door to your bathroom behind you, lock it, get undressed and get in the shower or lower yourself into the tub, time is yours again. No beeps or blinks – just you and relaxation.

These are the moments Badeanstalten makes products for.

Soaps, scrubs, creams and oils

“Our products are made for well-being and reflection. Pretty soon the bathroom will be the only place in our busy, digitalized society where you can pull back, be in peace, think deep thoughts and unwind,” says Iben Park Holm.

Iben is the woman behind Badeanstalten, which she runs together with her husband, Jan, and their employees.

They create handmade soaps in many colors and fragrances; salt scrubs for removing dead skin cells from your body; moisturizing, nourishing creams for your face and oils for your body.

Purely Danish

All products are made of natural, pure, and to the greatest extent possible, local raw ingredients, such as honey from the neighborhood beekeeper or birch sap from a tree in Northern Jutland.

The soaps, bodyscrubs, creams and oils are all made at our facilities in Norresundby.

“We are driven by the desire to create honest, appealing products, which are great to use, but at the same time, don’t promise more than they can deliver. We usually say that our soaps can get your skin clean, and our creams and oils can moisturize and nourish your skin. And that’s that,” says Iben.

Unique craftsmanship

Funny enough, it all started in a market in London many years ago, when Iben mistook a piece of handmade soap for a lump of cheese. Yes, you read correctly. A lump of cheese. When she looked more closely at the lump and realized that it was soap, her curiosity was awakened.

Soon Iben began experimenting with making soap in the little kitchen Jan and her had in their, at that time, 2-room apartment in Aalborg. The result was soaps in various colors, aromas and consistencies. And that’s what she’s been doing every since.

“Handmade soap was a forgotten craft in Denmark when I first started to work with it. So I decided I wanted to know everything about making soap, and I’ve never gotten tired of that,” says Iben.

Available throughout Denmark

In time, Iben’s interest broadened to include scrubs, creams and oils, which she threw herself into with all the curiosity and creativity she could muster. The production outgrew the kitchen in Aalborg, and moved to more professional surroundings in Norresundby. A company was born.

With the result that you can now purchase Badeanstalten's products from dealers across Denmark.

The selection consists of:

  • Handmade soaps

  • Body scrubs

  • Facial and body creams

  • Facial and body oils

  • Facial mud masks

  • Liquid soaps

  • Accessories