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Bath Salt

Sea salt is made up of approx. 97% sodium chloride and 3% other salts and minerals. Our aromatherapy bath salts are perfect for relaxation and well-being and can transform a regular bath or foot bath to an extraordinary experience. With our wonderful bath salts, you get a luxurious spa experience right in your own bathroom. The salts leave skin soft and delightful and can be used both in the shower and the bathtub.


Relaxing bath or footbath

Give your personal well-being a needed boost with a relaxing bath or footbath. Loosen up your body and mind with a stimulating bath with sea salt, cold-pressed cucumber seed oil and refreshing mint with our “Cucumber and Mint” bath salts.

Indulge your body and senses with a fragrant rose bath with roses, sea salt, almond oil and relaxing essential oils from palmarosa, lemon and sandalwood. Enjoy this bath salt in a tub bath or in a nourishing foot bath, when you need that extra pampering.