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Giftbox 2

Giftbox 2

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Skin care is a gift in itself. But with Badeanstalten's skin care products in a nice gift box, you have no doubt that this is more than a gift. It's a kind of declaration of love for those you care about. We offer boxes in 3 sizes with quality products which, in addition to washing the skin clean, provide unique care, presence and enjoyment.

Gift box 1 (Value 52€) contains:

1 piece. Liquid soap White The 300 ml
This soap has a wonderfully creamy foam and a high content of glycerin that leaves the skin silky soft. The scent of white tea, which is grown in the mountains of southern China, is soft and pure with light citrus notes. "White tea" creates a luxurious atmosphere in the bathroom, and the simple and exclusive design matches the clean and fresh scent.

1 piece. Hand and Body Lotion 300 ml
This hand and body lotion with fragrant white tea extract, invites for frequent lubrication of the hands, e.g. after hand washing, and care of the rest of the body. It is rich in antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, which penetrates deep into the skin and binds moisture in the skin. Almond oil and cocoa butter help maintain skin softness and suppleness.

1 piece. bath puff
The bath puff makes any soap foam up. The fine holes of the net form a lavish amount of bubbles that make the bath a more luxurious experience. The puff gently washes the skin and can therefore be used on even sensitive skin types.
NO.: 790212
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