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Liquid soap – Activated Coal

Liquid soap – Activated Coal

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This black version of our traditional liquid soap is something entirely unique. It contains activated charcoal that has been treated with steam and carbon dioxide at 700 – 900 degrees Celsius. The material has a microporous structure and has a cleansing effect. The soap creates a “Scandinavian Noir” spa atmosphere in your bathroom and has a fresh, sweet and acidic aroma due to the essential oils of orange, lemon and lemongrass.


At Badeanstalten, we are dedicated to protecting the good old-fashioned craftsmanship that was traditionally a part of soap production. While developing our liquid soaps, we have chosen not to use synthetic detergent ingredients and foaming agents in order to create a soap based on traditional methods: pure, saponified oils.

Our traditional soaps are 100% biodegradable and are naturally self-preserving – a pure sensation with consideration for the environment. (perhaps a responsible, environmentally-friendly approach)


The soap can be used to wash both hands and the body.

  • 300 ml

  • Made in Denmark

  • Suitable for vegans

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