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Salve - Lavender

Salve - Lavender

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A multifunctional ointment made from pure nourishing shea butter and essential lavender oil that soothes the senses. The ointment softens, protects and soothes dry skin all day thanks to the amazing properties of shea butter. Use the ointment on exposed parts of the body and face - it can be used for a multitude of purposes: It is ideal for loving care of dry skin, chapped lips, cuts and dry cuticles. During the winter it can also sooth red and delicate skin on the nose during a cold.

This ointment comes in a handy little jar - practical for people who need moisture and care on the go.

- Made in Denmark
- Suitable for vegans
- Only essential oils

B2B Kolli 12
NO.: 041021
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