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Soap - Birch 150g
sæbe birk birkesaft

Soap - Birch 150g

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In both ingredients, fragrance and design Birch takes your senses to the Nordic birch forests on a walk among the tall, slender trees. Badeanstalten invites you to a moment of Zen under the green treetops with this soap which contain locally produced birch sap and a fresh scent of wood and green leaf buds. Birch has a lovely creamy foam that makes the soap a real pleasure in the bath. The design is stylish and minimalistic with black and white colors inspired by the bark of birch trees.

With our handmade soaps we try to make sure that the soaps aren’t too drying for the skin, and that the soaps have a good balance between large bubbles, creamy foam and slip. The soaps are formulated on a base of vegetable oils with a high content of glycerin which has moisturizing properties.

The soap can be used for hands, body and face.

- Made in Denmark
- Suitable for vegans

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