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Soap - Childhood Memories 150g

Soap - Childhood Memories 150g

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Nothing can awaken memories as a lovely fragrance. It can be connected to places, people or experiences that have had a special meaning for you. This soap celebrates the lavender scented childhood memories and is perfect for a soothing bath before bedtime. Close your eyes and let yourself slip back to the warm memories of childhood or give the soap as a gift and create new memories.

With our handmade soaps we try to make sure that the soaps aren’t too drying for the skin, and that the soaps have a good balance between large bubbles, creamy foam and slip. The soaps are formulated on a base of vegetable oils with a high content of glycerin which has moisturizing properties.

The soap can be used for hands, body and face.

- Made in Denmark

B2B Kolli 8
NO.: 015655
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