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Soap – Poetic Geometry 150g

Soap – Poetic Geometry 150g

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Poetic Geometry is right-angled well-being. A soap that plays with angles, reflections, dynamic colors and fragrances. It’s a cedar-fragranced chaos of shapes, intersections, angles and degrees that together create a sensory experience for the eyes and the nose. A unique soap that must be experienced!


We focus on creating handmade soaps that don’t dehydrate the skin and achieve a good balance between big bubbles, creamy lather and glide. The soaps are made from a base of vegetable oils and with high concentrations of glycerin, which provides moisture.


The soap can be used for hand and face washing, as well as bathing.

  • Made in Denmark

  • Suitable for vegans

  • Only essential oils

B2B Kolli 8
NO.: 710055
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